We help clients plan and execute business transactions and projects successfully by identifying and mitigating legal risks
through pre-emptive legal strategies.

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Founded in 2011, we have earned a reputation as a responsive, competent, dedicated and modern law firm offering first class legal services and solutions to a wide array of business enterprises. We take pride in executing work expeditiously with excellence. That is the hallmark of our service. The law allows you to design your legal options long before business disputes occur. Failure to plan for dispute resolution in advance often means that disputes will derail your project, transaction or business. We apply our wealth of knowledge and experience in helping business entities take charge of their businesses, projects and transactions even in the face of disputes.

"If you look for a lawyer when a dispute arises, your lawyer can only assist you through the storm. However, if you engage your lawyer in the negotiations stage, you can avoid the storm altogether"

Practice Areas

We help clients to negotiate and structure business transactions such as franchises, real estate leases, property sale, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Commercial & Corporate Law

The firm handles all kinds of Commercial and Corporate Law matters from large organisations to SMEs and individuals. Our work spans out from registration of companies, drafting of contracts, advice and conducting capital restructuring, debt and equity financing and other full service duties to ensure compliance with the law and achieving of our clients’ objectives.

Banking & Financial Securities

The firm is empanelled and has worked for various organisations to their satisfaction in relation to preparation of security documents such as charges, chattel mortgages, debentures, deeds of guarantee and indemnity among others.

Real Estate Transactions

The firm is a full service firm on matter Land Law as it is involved in all aspects of Conveyancing which include Sale and transfer of land, leases, charges, subdivision of land, sectional properties, reconveyances, rectification of tittle, paying of land rates at the instruction and on behalf of clients. All this tasks and instructions are conducted with ut-most diligence and in compliance with all the requisite laws in Kenya.

Alterative Dispute Resolution

The firm thrives on advising our clients on the importance and efficiency of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms as opposed to protracted legal battles in Court. We draft documents on the same and propose a tailored mechanism to settle matters in an expedited manner that preserves the interests of our clients be it through Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation among others.

Civil Litigation

The firm has astute and forward thinkers who brainstorm on strategy and this helps chart the most efficient and effective way forward representing our clients and protecting their interests in a Court set up. We work to ensure that our clients’ instructions are well safeguarded and achieved. This includes in areas not limited to Employment Law, Torts, Insurance Law, Banking Law, Tax Law, Land Law etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The firm issues to its clients portfolio, comprehensive advice and industry specific options that will boost our clients business and ensure they achieve their objectives. These and others Special Purpose Vehicles, we advise and undertake instructions to ensure the purpose and mandate envisioned by our clients are met.

Debt Collection

Often, businesses that sell on credit have to deal with defaulters. To help such businesses avert or minimize the risks of bad debts, we guide them in preparing, documenting and setting terms of credit that are within provisions of the law.

Goverance Audits

This is a reserve of Preventive Law whereby we conduct thorough Legal Audits on our clients’ systems of operations and establish any legal faults or if their systems are susceptible to any legal liability due to non-compliance in any form or kind.


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